Australian Curriculum

Arts Participation and Student Academic OutcomesNew Australian research has identified the value of participating in arts experiences in school. The study is based on 643 primary and secondary school students from 15 schools over the course of two years.

The National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE) strongly urges the review panel to enable the Australian Curriculum: The Arts to be implemented in its present form, allowing processes of refinement to be managed by classroom teachers. It is a living document that can be refined by expert arts educators as it unfolds across the country.


Read Art Education Australia's Response to the draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts: Foundation to Year 10.

The Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts (The Draft Shape Paper) is being designed to provide advice to writing teams on the nature of learning and the nature of curriculum in each of the artforms of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts. It follows the Initial Advice paper: The Arts presented to invited arts educators, jurisdictions and industry representatives at the Arts Forum held in Sydney on 3 May 2010. Following this forum, feedback was given to writers which have formed the basis of the Draft Shape Paper.

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