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Volume 38, number 1, 2017

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Volume 37, number 2, 2016

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v13 n2Australian Art Education
Volume 13 number 2, August 1989

The ecology of art education. Felicity Haynes

Distracting distinctions. Peter Smith

Education, the artist and the community: a justification for an education in the arts. David N Aspin

The myth of visual literacy. Neil Brown

Design is art made useful. Helmut Lueckenhausen

Technology transfer and industrial design. Tamyez Bajuri

Advocacy: art, design and the world of work. Doug Boughton Jenny Aland

v13 n1

Australian Art Education
Volume 13 number 1, May 1989

We've got it backwards: it's too late by age 8. Susan Wright

Dewey's educational theory: the relevance for art education. Jennifer McMahon

McKeon's art history education is prescriptive and inaccurate. Paul Duncum

Response: to Duncum, Paul. McKeon's art history education is prescriptive and inaccurate. Penny McKeon

What would be interesting computer art in senior high school? Paul Duncom, Alan Lee and Brett Sullivan

Response. Alan Lee

A senior high school student's response to Duncum and Lee. Brett Sullivan

v12 n3

Australian Art Education
Volume 12 number 3, December 1988

Bourdieu on the education of aesthetic judgement. John Codd

The critical importance of personal response in art appreciation. Max Darby

The necessity of abandoning art history. Anne Marie

Why aesthetics (and ethics) should be included in courses of study for the arts. Jenny Zimmer

Reply to Muriel Hilson's patriarchal prejudices in the art history classroom. Joe Airo-Farulla, Muriel Hilson

v12 n2

Australian Art Education
Volume 12 number 2, August 1988

Toward foundations for a socially critical art education. Paul Duncum

Shared visions, separate realities: the politics of Aboriginal art. Jennifer Hoff

The core curriculum and teaching art as politics. Ted Bracey, Bronwyn Taylor

Similarities between creativity and politics as forms of praxis. Neil Brown

Art and politics. Edward Cowie

Art and Starwars: looking for the complete picture. Ian Howard

Art is political?: 1988 AIAE Conference comments. Ray Green

v12 n1

Australian Art Education
Volume 12 number 1, June 1988

Patriarchal prejudices in the art history class. Muriel Hilson

The foundations for a theory of art history education. Penny Mckeon

Cultural programming: the developmental veil?: the interpretation of children's art. Warren Lett, Lee Emery

Theory testing by numbers. Graeme Sullivan

The tortoise and the hare: cultural evolution or cultural revolution as agents of change. Gerry King

Art education in New York and London: a personal view. Peter E. Hiller

v11 n2Journal of the Institute of Art Education
Volume 11 number 2, August 1987


Alternatives to arts advocacy in education. George Petelin

Lowenfeld: Misunderstood genius or false god?. Les Whelan

The significance of "design" in Queensland primary schools. Alan Cunningham

A review of proposals for studying the popular arts. Paul Duncum

Current thinking in Australian art Compiled by education: An annotated bibliography from Paul Duncum and the members of the AIAE. Jenny Allen, Greg Binns, Drora Booth, Alan Cunningham, Paul Duncum, Victoria Garnons-Williams, Rob Fielding, Nancy Hammond, Felicity Haynes, Peter Hiller, Penny McKeon, June Parrott, Nathan Paramanathan, Bob Ramsey, Julie Rosewarne, Graeme Sullivan, Les Whelan and Marisa Young.

Reviews: "Video: The Education Challenge" by R. Moss (Karen Jennings), "Children and Art Teaching" by K. Gentle (Cathy Speck), "Artmaps" by Victorian Ed. Dep. (Gail Donlan), "Australian Sculpture" by G. Sturgeon (Lee Emery), "What is Art History" by M. Roskill (Lee Emery), and “Shooting the Pianist" by P. Parsons (Ed Irons).

Notes on contributors

v1 n1Journal of the Institute of Art Education
Volume 1 number 1, December 1976

Editorial: Why another publication? June M. Parrott

President’s Comments: Or November Reflections. Nathan Paramanathan

The Success and Failure of Art Education: Assessing the results. Brent Wilson

Behavioural Objectives: As they apply to Art Education they are not objectives and they are not behavioural. Jolly Koh

Vertical Cats: Primary Arts Methods Courses at the University of British Columbia. Phillip Perry

Art Education in the State College of Victoria. June M. Parrott

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