landscape and memoryLandscape and Memory: Frank Hurley and a nation imagined

In the closing months of the 2018 centenary commemorations of the First World War eight contemporary artists accepted an invitation to engage with iconic photographs taken by Frank Hurley (1885 – 1962). The exhibition Landscape and Memory: Frank Hurley and a Nation Imagined includes artworks in a range of media that have been informed by the interplay between Hurley’s work and the artists’ own ‘imagining’ of conflict filtered through a variety of cultural artefacts, family history and personal experience. In doing so, they offer the viewer an acknowledgement and an exploration of the horror of war. Reflection in practice is a critical part of an artist’s process and after 100 years it might appear that there is little left for artists to say about a conflict that affected almost every family in Australia. However, this exhibition proves that this is not the case.

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Education Kit

This education kit has been designed for use by students visiting the Landscape and Memory: Frank Hurley and a Nation Imagined exhibition. It is intended to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of students and teachers attending the exhibition. The exhibition will introduce students to a range of contemporary Australian landscape artworks inspired by the iconic photographs of war photographer Frank Hurley.

landscape and memory education kitThe Education Kit has been developed by art education specialists and is endorsed by Art Education Australia (AEA). AEA is the peak national professional association that supports and promotes art education at all levels as an integral part of general education and art education research within Australia. AEA represents the art teaching profession at national arts and education forums and in national and international peak associations.

The Education Kit can be used by teachers to explore with their students the interrelated strands of Making and Responding in the Australian Curriculum – The Arts, as well as intended learning outcomes within the Queensland Senior Secondary Art Syllabus including Visual Art and Visual Arts in Practice. Teachers are encouraged to contextualise this resource to their particular learning and teaching context.

The Education Kit includes the work of artists who have engaged with the themes of landscape and memory from a range of diverse perspectives. The topic of country is also very important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. When exploring artworks that deal with culturally situated knowledge, stories and complexities, teachers should not do this in isolation. Wherever possible, and for authentic learning experiences, it is best practice to collaborate with people from the communities within the culture your students are learning about. In addition to this, and when collaboration cannot be achieved face to face or virtually, it is important for teachers to familiarise themselves with the protocols of the culture they are learning about.

Download the Educatiuon Kit here.